Sky Rewards Loyalty Program


Eureka Sky’s number one focus is on the customer. We want every customer to feel as if they are part of the Eureka Sky family, neighborhood and community. By introducing a rewards program, we can target our diverse family of customers, to meet their diverse cannabis needs. The team at Eureka Sky strives every day, to ensure our customers receive the best personalized service, product quality and value for their cannabis dollar.


Program Name – Sky Rewards

  1. Eligibility – All registered ES customers, who have a valid, government-issued ID (Driver’s License, Passport, San Francisco City ID, Medical Marijuana Identification Card) to purchase cannabis. Be prepared to display your driver license when entering a dispensary or receiving a delivery order. ES customers can opt out of the program at any time and opt back in later.
  2. Required for Sky Rewards membership:
    • First & Last Name, Mobile Number, Email, Valid Govt ID
  1. Rewards Earned– every pre-tax dollar spent is a reward point earned
  2. Rewards Expiration Rule – unredeemed reward points will never expire
  3. Rewards Points Cap Rule – customers must redeem points after reaching 2000 on their next visit
  4.  Redemption Discount – when redeeming your rewards discount, your cart total must be at least double the $ discount received

Redemption Tiers – Sky Rewards

100 Points100 Points

$6 Off next purchase

200 Points200 Points

$12 Off next purchase

300 Points300 Points

$18 Off next purchase

400 Points400 Points

$24 Off next purchase

500 Points500 Points

$30 Off next purchase

600 Points600 Points

$36 Off next purchase

700 Points700 Points

$42 Off next purchase

800 Points800 Points

$48 Off next purchase

900 Points

$54 Off next purchase

1000 Points1000 Points

$60 Off next purchase